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Saraswathi Vidyalaya Nursery & Primary School  is committed to provide educational excellence for all .. More

There is PLENTY of things to learn after learning we should live on basis of what we have learnt and also we should teach others which calls for SACRIFICE on our part... More
salient-features Sailent Features

The Purpose of the school is to motivate each and every person to educate. It is to train the students in a Discipline and God fearing which automatically lead them to dignified future. More
Untitled-2 Student Rules

1. Every Pupil shall wear clear respectable dress and punctual to school.
2. Every Pupil shall greet the teachers on his first meeting them for the day within school premises. More
Parents_Icon Request for Parents

1. Please visit the school as after as possible and discuss with your child's progress, attendance and behaviors during their leisure hours or the interview hours as the case may be. More
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Saraswathi Vidyalaya Nursery & Primary School

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